Goodbye WordPress. Hello Flat-Files.

Mobile-First HTML5 Templates & Flat-File CMS Themes With Nice Typography

1. Hawthorne Template

Hawthorne Template

Hawthorne is a portfolio template. View a live site.

2. Willamette Template

Willamette is a marketing site template used by this site. Change the theme.

Download Both Templates For Free

Download ZIP →

The free versions of the templates have a limited feature set and require a “Powered by Type & Grids” link in the footer.

Easily Customize Each Template With 6 Type Themes + 6 Color Themes

Type and color themes

Mix and match the type and color CSS files — all fonts are included. Upgrade to the Pro version for up to 12 type and color themes for each template.

Made For Typography Nerds

Tons of attention is given to the small typographic details — text will be beautiful and easily-readable on all screen sizes

Ultra-Fast on Touch Devices

FastClick eliminates the 300ms delay between a tap and a click event — your site will feel like a native app

Mobile-First Responsive

Built on a mobile-first, responsive grid powered by Zurb Foundation 5 — your site will look great on any device

All Fonts Are Included

Enjoy nice typography via Google Fonts — no more paying monthly fees for a font delivery service

Type & Color Themes

Simply swap out the included type and color CSS files to easily change the look and feel of your site

No Accounts to Sign Up For

No monthly fees and no software to install — just simple HTML files that you upload to your web host

Retina-Ready Icons

Your site will look gorgeous on high-resolution displays with 369 built-in icons at your disposal

Simple to Set Up

Just edit the basic HTML that is already provided — no need to touch any CSS or JavaScript

Clean & Semantic Code

Coded using the latest HTML5 standards — W3C valid, cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly

How It Works


Open the zip file and edit the HTML files with a text editor to add your content.


Mix and match the included type and color CSS files to customize your design.


Upload your new website to your web host. Done!

Pro Version Features

Flat-File CMS Theme

Say goodbye to WordPress — manage your site with a simple, database-free control panel via the awesome Statamic CMS*


Your Statamic theme includes a custom-designed, fully-featured blog section — you’ll be up and blogging in minutes

Free Support

Your Statamic theme will be super-easy to set up but I’ll provide any additional help you need to get up and running

No “Powered by” Footer Link

Your site will look entirely like your own creation — the Pro licenses don’t require the “Powered by Type & Grids” link

Extra Type & Color Themes

Customize your site design even further with up to 6 additional type and color themes for each template

Full Source Files

The full source files are included — if you are familiar with Sass you can easily create your own custom type and color themes

Pro Package 1 — $69

  • Hawthorne license
  • Plain HTML + optional Statamic theme for Hawthorne
  • 2 bonus type and color themes for Hawthorne
  • Free copy of Classic Pro ($59 value)
Buy Now For $69

Pro Package 2 — $99

  • Hawthorne license
  • Willamette license
  • Plain HTML + optional Statamic theme for Hawthorne and Willamette
  • 4 bonus type and color themes each for Hawthorne and Willamette
  • Free copy of Classic Pro ($59 value)
Buy Now For $99

Featured On

  • Smashing Magazine
  • Webdesigner Depot
  • Abduzeedo
  • Codrops

What is a Flat-File CMS?

A flat-file CMS is a new kind of content management system that stores content in files and folders rather than in a database like a traditional CMS such as WordPress. Not using a database offers many advantages in the areas of speed, simplicity, security and version control. Many designers are starting to switch to flat-file CMSes…

I think we’ll see continued growth in flat file static website builders… there’s a growing realisation that sometimes a full CMS is simply overkill. Collis Ta’eed, Envato Founder, 2014 Predictions for Web Design

What is Statamic?

Statamic is a flat-file CMS that is quickly gaining in popularity among designers. Type & Grids is not affiliated with Statamic in any way — I just believe they make the absolute best flat-file CMS available. Statamic runs on any web server that runs PHP (most web servers).

How Does the Statamic Theme Work?

  1. Purchase Statamic and open the Statamic zip file.
  2. Add the Type & Grids theme files to the Statamic “_themes” folder.
  3. Upload the files to your web host. There is no database to configure — it’s all just files and folders.
  4. Create a user and login to the control panel to setup your site. Easy peasy!

Control panel screenshot 1

Editing a blog post — click for a larger view

Control panel screenshot 2

Editing a portfolio project — click for a larger view

About Type & Grids

Selling Templates Since 2008

Hi! I’m Jeremiah and I’m the guy behind Type & Grids. I’ve been selling website templates since 2008 — my first template site, Warm Forest, is still online. I still actively respond to every single support request, usually within one day, if not sooner. You can rest assured that I’m not some big theme shop that might shut down overnight.

Jeremiah Shoaf

I Use My Own Products For Everything

I use Hawthorne for my portfolio site and Willamette for this site (including the blog). I’m constantly updating my sites and adding new features and those updates are added to the templates I sell. When you buy a template you are essentially getting a zipped up copy of my site, minus the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to know HTML and CSS to use Type & Grids?

    Basic HTML knowledge is helpful but not required. You shouldn’t need to write any code yourself — just edit and copy & paste the code that is already set up.

  • Can I remove the “Powered by Type & Grids” footer link?

    The footer link is required in the free versions. If you would like to remove the footer link, you can purchase one of the Pro Packages.

  • What software do I need to use Type & Grids?

    The only software you will need is a basic text editor and an image editing program (like Photoshop) to create any images you want to use.

  • How does purchasing work?

    Type & Grids uses Gumroad to handle the entire checkout process. Payment is made securely with a credit card and the files are delivered instantly after payment. I never have access to any of your credit card info and I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase. If you’d prefer to pay with PayPal, email

  • If I purchase the Pro version, do I have to use the Statamic theme?

    No. The Pro versions include the plain HTML version as well as the Statamic theme version — you can use whichever version you prefer.

  • Is Type & Grids a WordPress theme?

    No. Type & Grids comes in two versions. The first is just plain HTML. The second is a Statamic theme. Statamic is a CMS with a control panel (like WordPress) but it runs without using a database, instead using just files and folders.

  • Is there a web hosting provider you recommend?

    I recommend checking out DigitalOcean (referral link). They offer extremely low-cost solid-state drive hosting which perfectly complements flat-file sites.

  • What happened to the old version of Type & Grids?

    That version is still available and still actively supported on