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February 12, 2014

I’m excited to announce that my Type & Grids templates now include Statamic themes. Statamic is an up-and-coming database-free, flat-file CMS that is dead simple to set up and blazingly fast. Designers have been embracing flat-file CMSes lately and I believe 2014 will be the year they really explode.

I think we’ll see continued growth in flat file static website builders… there’s a growing realisation that sometimes a full CMS is simply overkill. Collis Ta’eed, Envato Founder, 2014 Predictions for Web Design

Statamic screenshot

The first thing people usually notice after switching to a flat-file CMS is how fast the pages load. All of the content is stored in files and folders and without a database to query, page load times decrease dramatically. If your site gets a huge surge in traffic, there is no database to cause your site to crash. You can version control absolutely everything and easily port your site over to a new server without having to worry about exporting and configuring a database.

Why Not WordPress Themes?

I strongly believe that flat-file content management systems, like Statamic, are the future. WordPress is a great CMS but it just doesn’t make sense anymore for a lot of use cases, especially on smaller, simpler websites. WordPress has become bloated and complicated and it’s now possible to have dynamic functionality on a site without using a database.

Simple, minimal sites (like my Type & Grids templates) are a great use case for a flat-file CMS. I’m a minimalist at heart, so using something complicated like WordPress where it’s not needed isn’t appealing to me…

Why Statamic?

I’ve spent a lot of time researching and comparing the various flat-file CMSes available and Statamic came out the clear winner. Statamic has a three-person dev team that is constantly pushing out new updates and adding new features. The community behind Statamic is quickly growing and designers seem to be adopting it as the flat-file CMS of choice.

Statamic screenshot

Statamic includes a fully-responsive, client-friendly control panel

Statamic is a commercial CMS (the devs need to pay their bills) so you will need to purchase a Statamic license to use the Type & Grids Statamic themes. Statamic costs $29 for a personal license and $99 for a professional license.

Eating My Own Dogfood

I’m all about “dogfooding” — I use Statamic to run this site and blog, as well as my portfolio site and my web typography side project, Typewolf. The Type & Grids themes I’m offering are essentially a zipped up version of what I use myself. This ensures that the themes will be under continuous, active development as I rely on them for my own sites.

If you want a clean, modern site (including a blog) up and running quickly, then Type & Grids is a great option. Simply purchase Statamic, open the zip, upload the files to your server, copy over the Type & Grids theme files and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Ditch your database and get the Type & Grids Statamic themes here!

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