The Ten Most Popular Web Fonts of 2013

January 15, 2014

The use of web fonts has continued to explode in 2013 — designers are no longer content with using standard system fonts like Arial and Georgia. On my side project Typewolf, I categorize the latest website designs by the web fonts they use. These are the ten most popular fonts I’ve noticed from analyzing font usage on Typewolf in 2013.

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Goodbye WordPress: 2014 Will Be the Year of the Flat-File CMS

December 19, 2013

A recent trend I’ve noticed among designers is ditching WordPress for simpler CMS solutions like Ghost, Kirby, Statamic and Jekyll. WordPress is a great CMS but for a lot of sites it can be complete overkill. WordPress started out as a simple blogging tool but has since evolved into a complex, feature-rich CMS that can power very large sites. Most sites simply do not need all of the functionality WordPress offers and the bloat and complexity of the software can start to get in the way.

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